I’m Pascal VA2PV, this is my personal blog where you will find information about all my ham radio projects

This include the projects. You will find on this web site a forum with video playlist, reviews, FAQ, etc. It’s also a place to exchange with our YouTube viewers, please subscribe!

I will cover subjects like;

And loads of products and technologies reviews to come like the Raspberry Pi, the TYT MD-380, ID-31, RTR-1A, actually about everything that I’ve tried over the years.

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About me

Pascal Villeneuve VA2PV

I’m known to be passionate about technology and specifically about telecommunications. I am among those who believe that technology helps bring people together, whether they are communicating from distant locations or sharing the same environment.

My interest for technology began 25 years ago when I first got my amateur radio operator license. This hobby enabled me to combine my communication and technical skills, and led me to my career in telecommunications. Throughout this career, human relationships and technology have always remained inseparable from my personality. People say that my passion is contagious!

I’ve been a ham radio operator since 1991. In the beginning I’ve used the callsign VE3PRV from 1991 to 1994 and VE2PVR after I moved to the province of Quebec. In 2000 I received my 2 letters callsign VA2PV.

My preference has always been HF operations. But in 2012 I discover D-Star and suddenly I started to have interest in the VHF/UHF digital communications. In September 2014, I’ve decided to try the Yeasu new C4FM digital mode and bought at a local hamfest the FTM-400DR and the FT1DR from Radioworld.

A few days later I ordered the HRI-200 from HRO in the US, since it was not available in Canada at this time. From there I setup my first node with Wires-X and hosted a ROOM. My first impression was WOW! Being a fan of eSSB on HF for several years, I had to admit that I was not impress by the D-Star audio quality. But C4FM in VW was another thing. By the way D-Star is great and is the most mature technology in the digital amateur world. But C4FM just as a better audio quality.

In the next few weeks and months others join in. This new technology created new friendship with other peoples that are open to changes and share the same interest. So we started to invest our personal funds into a wide repeaters network across the province, thanks to the Yeasu DR-1X program!

In December 2014, I created on my server the website for the group. Since I work in telecommunications, this domain name was in my lab, in French Laboenligne means Onlinelab, so I use it to set up our web page in French only.

In January 2015, I created our YouTube channel to show Éric VE2MEL first tests with the Yaesu FT-991. We were very impress with the success of his video so we started to add more. Being one of the first group to built a C4FM network we also post some video about our experimentations and from there we started to be known for our C4FM projects.

In August 2015, I got in touch with Helitron that was about to launch a new product called the DV4mini. This product was the first to offer a C4FM and DMR hotspot and it was doing D-Star as well. So I contacted them to buy in advance the device in order to test it with our network and to provide information video for our viewers. Luckily, I was able to get 2 demos, from there our video just went viral among the ham community. Now being more international than local (only 5% are local viewers) we decided to built an English web site.

It’s been a year since we created our YouTube channel, and we have more than 700 subscribers, 49 videos, more than 125 000 views and keep growing every day! We have a lot of fun with this project and we will continue to provide video contents about different aspect of the hobby.

In 2016 I will be present to the Dayton Hamvention in May, If you see me don’t be shy to say hi!

Pascal VA2PV

I'm Everywhere!