IP Networking Basics Explained

IP Networking Basics Explained

In this video, I explained the basics of IP network using the OSI model. If you have always wanted to know how IP network works, this video is for you. In just 47 minutes I explained everything you need to know about computer networking. Including, Ethernet, LAN and WAN, IP addresses (routing, IPv4, subnet, default gateway, DNS, DHCP) and port forwarding (virtual server, NAT, PAT, UDP, TCP).

For ham radio operators this video could be very helpful, especially if you want to set up an Internet remote station or if you want to set up any RoIP hotspot (Example: Wires-X Port forwarding).

I also provide basic troubleshooting tools and a diagnostic method using the OSI model.

After watching this, you should be able to troubleshoot yourself network problems in your home network.

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Pascal VA2PV


Author: Pascal VA2PV