Palstar LA-1K

Palstar LA-1K Review – 1 kW Solid-State LDMOS HF amplifier (6 to 160M)

Here’s a full review of the Palstar LA-1K, it’s a 1 kW dual LDMOS solid-state HF linear. It covers from 6 to 160 meters. The LA-1K as RF sensing allowing automatic band switching without having to interface the radio. It has a very nice color display touch screen which includes a power meter and a live SWR meter. It supports up to 3 antennas. Despite a low IMD distortion of -35dB it supports “pure signal” (low distortion) with a dedicated RCA port to connect your SDR. You can update the firmware via the front USB port.

Although the amp seems to be “FULL QSK”, you got to be careful. I tested in vox (semi break-in) at 30 wpm and the first “dit” was going out at full power, 1 kW. But you can hear the PTT click. So, I’ve asked the question to Palstar, see the response below.

“The revised owner’s manual (which you can download) addresses this subject on page 11. The LA-1K was NOT designed for full break-in.  This is because the amplifier must READ the transmit frequency every time the PTT line goes low & RF is applied, BEFORE it will key down. This requires a key-down time period long enough for accurate frequency readings.   High speed full break in operation causes the auto band select to operate erratically resulting in the amp delaying key-down or possibly jumping bands. Slower speed full break-in operation is possible but not recommended. Semi break-in (VOX) is recommended for all high speed CW operation.”

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73 Pascal VA2PV


SSB Power: Power levels up to 1000W
CW Mode: 1000 Watts CW ICAS
FM/RTTY: 500 watts
AM: 275 watts
Frequency Range: 1.8 to 54 MHz
Display: Color TFT touch screen
Input Drive Level: 45W – 55W (All Bands)
Output: 3 x RF SO-239 or Type N
ALC: Exciter power control
Gain: 13dB + or – 1dB (nominal)
RF Sensing: Auto Band Switching without Band Data Cable from transceiver
RF Output: Vacuum RELAY T/R Switching
Power supply: Internal Medical grade
AC power: 100-125VAC 15A or 200-250VAC 10A
DC supply: 50VDC @42A
Power Devices: 2 x 5600H 600W LDMOS
Auto-Protect: SWR/Short Circuit/Over Temp
Cooling: Variable Speed Fans (3 speed)
Intermod: Low IMD Distortion >-35dB
Pure signal: Sample@+10dBm (Rear Panel@1kW output)
Chassis: .090 ga. aluminium
Top cover: .090 ga. aluminium powder coated
Dimensions: 12.75″ wide x 6.25″ high x 16.5″ deep
Shipping weight: 27 lbs, 12.25 Kg
Design concept: Full compatibility with the Palstar HF-AUTO autotuner
Warranty: Two year

Author: Pascal VA2PV