Cobweb Antenna MFJ-1835H

The Cobweb Antenna – MFJ-1835 and MFJ-1835H (High Power version)

I received this antenna shortly after the Dayton (Xenia) Hamvention 2017 directly from MFJ. I did assemble the antenna and made my first video about the unit, but the HF condition was not very good. I did install this Cobweb antenna in a more permanent location then on my first video, but it’s still about 3 times lower in height than my Yagi. Since my coax conduit is full, I’m waiting for my remote coax switch so I can add this one in a more permanent manner. The short test I did was with the coax cable going through the windows. The difference between the two antennas on received is about 3 to 4 dB less, on a south direction signals (USA), block by my house, see the pictures below. For now, my perception about this antenna is very positive. So, stay tune for another video with more details.

Below you will find the MFJ description for their Cobweb Antenna – MFJ-1835 and MFJ-1835H (High Power version)

Manufacturer description of the Cobweb antenna, MFJ-1835 and MFJ-1835H

“This five band (20, 17, 15, 12, 10 Meters) half-wave Cobweb Antenna is perfect for restricted space or portable operations. Sky-gray fiberglass spreaders and nearly invisible wire elements (flat 9x9x1/2 feet square. 8 pounds), blend in with your surroundings while standing tough against nasty weather.

Horizontally polarized for less local noise pickup plus solid gain over verticals will allow you to work DX easily — even on QRP. Radiation pattern is nearly omnidirectional so you don’t need a rotator. No radials needed! Low SWR is due to MFJ’s exclusive Spider-MatchTM broadband network. Use lightweight TV hardware to mount it on your chimney, balcony, fence post or other. SO-239.”

For more information about the MFJ-1835 low power version click here.

For more information about the MFJ-1835H high power version click here.

MFJ-1835H Cobweb antenna review (high power version 1.5kW)

The video below includes the unboxing, assembly, testing and review of the Cobweb MFJ-1835H antenna (H for the 1.5 kW high-power version). Too bad the condition of the bands was not good that day, I will make another video when we have better conditions.

PS: I noticed after I posted the video online that at 7:31 my shack radio (TS-990) is in USB not in AM like the Elad QRP outside. The TS-990 would have read a better signal in AM but not much (2 dB to 3 dB max), just tested on the same frequency), so the signals are still similar. Sorry, my mistake.

Here’s some pictures about the Cobweb antenna installation (MFJ-1835H)



Yes, the MFJ-1835H Cobweb Antenna can survive a Canadian ice storm !


Author: Pascal VA2PV