Retevis RT82 dual band DMR FM HT

The Retevis RT82 (with GPS option), dual band DMR / analog (FM) handheld (HT) radio.

The frequency range is in UHF, 400-480MHz, in VHF, 136-174MHz. The maximum power output is 5W. It has 3000 memory channels. It’s waterproof IP67 standard. The Li-ion battery is of 2200mAh. It can support up to 100000 DMR ID contacts.

Please note that there’s no RT82+ specific version it’s always RT82 with or without the GPS. This was mention in my video, sorry for the confusion as this was my mistake and misinterpretation of an email. Thanks for your understanding.

Code Plug for Hotspot, Retevis RT82

You can download below a simple codeplug ready to use with any hotspot (like DV4mini, OpenSPOT, etc.).  It’s zip file, simply decompress, insert your callsign and DMR ID, upload to your radio.  Also compatible with the TYT MD-2017.

Simple Code Plug for HotSpot

For use with a Hotspot, you just need to add your call sign and you DMR ID, see the image below.

Full DMR ID .CSV file for the Retevis RT82

You can download a ready made .CSV file with more than 80000 DMR ID from the link below.  Also compatible with the TYT MD-2017.


For more information follow the link below for the manufacturer website.

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Author: Pascal VA2PV