4k video project

Intel I7-6800k

Including PC build 2016 with I7-6800k, Asus x99-a ii, Samsung 950 Pro, GTX 980 Ti and Vizio D40u-D1 4k monitor to be use with my JVC GY-HM170UA

Here you will find all the information about my video and YouTube channel projects.  I’m an amateur radio operator with various technical interest. I started last year the Laboenligne.ca, from that point I had found another hobby, or if you want another money pit!

Over the past year I equip myself with a lot of video gears in order to improved my videos.  Remember this, I started from scratch without any photography of video editing knowledge.  Over time the quality improved but I’m far away from being a professional, but I’m getting better.   So that what this page is all about, sharing with you guys my experience, the good and fail one.  I did spend a lot of money on non-necessary gadgets and some were actually very good buy.  I always shop for the best product for my budget and I will try to share my discoveries on my new dedicated YouTube channel, VA2PV.  Why another channel?  Because not all the amateur radio operators are interested in video production or any other not related videos.

I created the new channel recently because I wanted to switch to 4K video production. So I bought a professional 4k camcorder. Then I notice that my I7-2600k computer was not powerful enough for the task.

I started shopping for a 4k video editing machine, the specialize one's are very expensive and what I’ve found on popular computer store were not powerful enough.

So I decided to build my own, I didn’t want anything borderline, I want to edit long video with a lot of effects. So I tried to build this with a budget of $3000 cad and film my new PC build.

Here’s my part list and my associated video.

PC build 2016 - Video editing machine

My Laboenligne.ca new video editing machine video.

For complete build video see:

Intel I7-6800k broadwell-E CPU

CPU: I7-6800K 6 core 3.4 GHz, Broadwell-E
Unboxing video:

Corsair H100i GTX CPU liquid cooler

CPU cooler: Corsair H100i GTX
Unboxing video:

Asus X-99-A II motherboard

Motherboard: ASUS X99-A II LGA 2011-V3 X99 Intel ATX
Unboxing video:

G.Skill Aegis 64GB DDR4 2400

Memory: G.SKILL Aegis 64GB (4x16GB) DDR4 Model: F4-2400C15Q-64GIS

EVGA GeForce GTX 980 Ti

Graphic card: EVGA GeForce GTX 980 Ti 6GB RAM acx 2.0
Unboxing video:

Samsung 950 Pro M.2 PCI Express SSD drive

Boot Drive (Windows 10): Samsung 950 PRO SSD M2 256GB PCI-Express

Kingston UV400 SSD drive

Hard Drive: 2 x Kingston SSDNow UV400 240GB, one for reading the other for rendering

Toshiba 2 TB HDD

Hard Drive: Archive HDD, Toshiba 2TB 7200 RPM 64MB cache

Rosewill Rise Glow ATX full tower

Case: Rosewill Rise Glow - Full size ATX tower with 7 fans and dual PSUs
Unboxing video:

EVGA 1300w G2 Supernova PSU

Power Supply: EVGA 1300 Watts fully modular certified 80 Plus Gold
Unboxing video:

JVC GY-HM170UA 4k Camcorder

Unboxing the JVC GY-HM170UA 4k Camcorder. This is a very good professional low cost 4k camcorder.
Unboxing video:

Vizio D40u-D1 TV and PC 4k monitor

Unboxing and review of the Vizio D40u-D1 4k tv. I use this as a 4k PC monitor. I'm very please with it. If you use the HDMI 5 (port) you get 4k at 60 Hz. The latency is very good, about 13 ms. Just set it up for game as low latency in the menu. My PC recognize the correct model.

So if you’re like me and wonder if this TV can do the job as a PC monitor, the answer is YES. It’s also very cheap, $600 cad.

Pictures of the  PC Build 2016

Here's the full PC specifications, Intel I7-6800k, Asus x99-a II, G.Skill Aegis 64GB DDR4 RAM, Samsung 950 Pro SSD M.2 PCI express drive, 2 x Kingston SSD UV400, EVGA Geforce GTX 980 Ti video card, EVGA 300 Watts PSU (power supply) G2 Supernova, Rosewill Rise Glow full ATX tower, Toshiba 2 TB 7200 rpm HDD, LG blueray DVD and CD burner, Corsair H100i GTX CPU cooler, Vizio D40u-D1 4k video monitor.

Vizio_D40u-D1 PC monitorIntel I7-6800k Asus_x99-a_ii_G.Skill_64GB_Samsung_950_Pro_SSD_M2 PC build 2016 I7-6800k 4k Video editing studioimage

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Author: Pascal VA2PV