New ham shack design and rebuilt

Building a new ham shack – Part 1

It’s been awhile that I have this ham shack. It is very small and I have a lot of gears. So, I decided to redesign the ham shack using a “U” shape desk that covers most of the ham shack.

If you have any good idea let me know since I’m still in the planning phase.

If you are a company and will like to show your product in my shack, just contact me by email at

Ham shack, planning, rebuilt, shelve and new design – Part 2

After 3 weeks of work this is my new ham shack. In this video, I’m sharing the planning and the results. Please like and subscribe. You can also do more by sharing this video with your friends.

The shack is not 100% complete since I need a little bit more budget to finish. Stay tune as in the next few months I will be constantly improving the gear and decoration.

Hope you like it!

Ham Shack – Hiding wires and cable management – Part 3

In this video, you will find out how I managed to hide all the wiring. Let me know what you think! Please subscribe and do not forget to click “like” to support me! Thanks you!

Here’s some pictures of my new shack !



ham_shack_3 ham_shack_4 ham_shack_5 ham_shack_6 ham_shack_8





Author: Pascal VA2PV