SteppIR CrankIR + Sark-110 “Full portable kit”

SteppIR CrankIR + Sark-110

The SteppIR CrankIR is portable a vertical HF and 2 meter antenna, it’s lightweight, high performance, extremely portable and rated at 1500 watts key-down with fully manual operation (no electrical power or controller required).

My version cover 80m-2 m (and every frequency in between), the CrankIR sets up quickly and provides flexibility to change the bands quickly. This antenna is the choice of amateur radio operators and emergency communications teams world-wide, in both portable and permanent applications.

With my full “kit”, I have the SARK-110 battery powered pocket sized antenna analyzers for use with the CrankIR, the custom 3D printed mounting bracket isecure the SARK-110 directly on the CrankIR!

The SARK-110 antenna analyzer is a pocket-sized instrument that provides fast and accurate measurement of the vector impedance, VSWR, vector reflection coefficient, return loss and R-L-C. Typical applications include checking and tuning antennas (such as the CrankIR), impedance matching, component test, cable fault location, measuring coaxial cable losses and cutting coaxial cables to precise electrical lengths. The SARK110 has full vector measurement capability and accurately resolves the resistive, capacitive and inductive components of a load. The SARK-110 is intuitive and easy to use, and utilizes four operating modes: sweep mode, Smith chart mode, single frequency mode and frequency domain reflectometer (cable test).

Below you will find my kit details

• CrankIR 80m Ready Kit – includes CrankIR, 80m Adjustable Radial, Pole Extension, Quick Clamp Kits and Travel Bag. (part #00301-80KIT)

• Aluminum Stand, 9 ft 6 in, CrankIR (part #90-2501)

• Stand Bag, CrankIR (part #70-1011-01)

• SARK-110 (part #90-2000)

• Kit, Sark-110 Accessory Bundle (part #72-4001)

• Kit, CrankIR Sark Holder (part #72-5000)

73 Pascal VA2PV

For more information please visit the SteppIR website via the link below.

Part – SteppIR CrankIR + Sark-110 “Full portable kit” Unboxing


Author: Pascal VA2PV